Write a research paper based on your research and analysis of an organization of your choice identifying the mission of the organization.

Description: Write a research paper (about 8-10 double spaced pages) based on your research and analysis of an organization of your choice.

It is best to choose an organization for which you have ability to do research – through interviews, publicly available information, audit reports, personal knowledge, reports and analyses done by other scholars. It is okay to use a generic name for an organization if you need to maintain confidentiality of the organization.
You may also choose a company or government agency that has suffered a data breach. Talk about breach and the cybersecurity issues before and after. How did they handle and protect data. Make recommendations. Think of OPM, Target, Neiman Marcus, Home Depot, Anthem, Community Health Systems, or almost any bank or Wall Street organization which has had data breaches for which a lot of information is readily available.
Identify the mission of the organization. As a cybersecurity professional you need to think of the business mission. Your primary role is to ensure success of the organization through a risk optimized digital strategy. In this section inform the reader what you feel is relevant for your story.
Identify the Risks of the most critical systems for the organization – this helps you to narrow down. For example the Point of Sale (POS) or the Patient Health Information Management system could be the most critical systems for some company. This will allow you to limit the scope of your analysis to the most critical systems. Otherwise the scope can become too large for a paper of this size.
Think of risks to data in all three states: Transmission, Processing, Storage
While identifying risks, discuss cybersecurity risks using Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability terms. However tie it to overall business risks, which could be financial, market share, reputation loss, damages, legal fees, and other similar issues.
While identifying risks, while it is okay to concentrate on technical risks, do not ignore policy and people related risks.




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