Which theory of distributive justice do you find most convincing? Why?Companies can be well organized but it all begins with the corporate level people and what they put in their priority list.

a) Which theory of distributive justice do you find most convincing? Why?
Utilitarian theory is the best form of distributive justice because it puts the greater good of the majority of people above all else by examining a course of action that bringing about the greatest net happiness for those affected. Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that focuses on right and wrong by examining the consequences of the actions chosen; thus, allowing people to consider the interest of others and how they will be affected by the chosen action.
b) Is the United States an economically just society? Why or why not?
I believe that in theory the United States is an economically just society; although going from paper to practice there are a lot of issues that are not accounted for. In theory, the united states is a capitalist country that believes in free market allowing jobs to be created. For example, this has created an environment that has made it possible for companies like Microsoft windows to have huge economic growth. This is a relatively new company that has created a lot of jobs for people
(In answering questions, it is important to look at both sides of an issue, even if you only agree with one side.)
______________________________________________________________________________a) Which view of corporate social responsibility—the narrow or the broad—do you favor, and why?

For the better of a company’s internal health the broad view seems more ethical than the narrow. The narrow view is more straight to a more selfish goal. In building as much profit as possible which is nice to have but, the narrow speaks it’s name because it is all about the bigger goal and not focusing out further on what’s going on internally. The broad view seems to be more beneficial to the moral health of an organization. Giving it more stability and if decided to give back to the community and employees it will create a bigger and better support system from society.

b) What do you think companies should do to make themselves more moral organizations?

Companies can be well organized but it all begins with the corporate level people and what they put in their priority list. One of those top priorities should be to practice their moral ethics at a consistent fashion. Of course for that to work the higher up workers need to lead by example and teach their employees how things operate. There so be a down time for corporate to unclutter existing issues and react upon them.

c) How can they promote a healthy moral climate inside the company?

When trying to become a healthier ran business the owner should be willing to adapt to the issues at hand. All levels of the work place should collaborate to change the situation. To execute it correctly and fast as possible. Human resources department could be improved by giving it more attention. Give it guidelines by creating ways to approach certain issues,
What do you see as the strongest moral consideration in favor of capitalism? Why?
There are 4 major moral considerations favoring the growth of capitalism: the resources of the country that are being utilized, products manufactured, consideration of the market being targeted also, the quantity and quality of the product. Of these 4 major factors to take into consideration when determining which one has the strongest morality in favor of capitalism; it is important to remember that capitalism shares a lot of under lying principals of utilitarianism. Taking all that into consideration, of the 4, resources being utilized has the potential to create the most happiness for people depending upon if they approve morally of what it’s utilization is; giving it the potential benefiting the consumer.

What do you see as the strongest objection to it? Why?
What major economic challenges does society face today, including your generation in particular?




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