What assessments (general and specific) would you conduct to enhance your understanding of the client’s problems and how would your choice of assessment(s) inform your diagnostic impression and treatment planning?
Case Vignette for Comprehensive Examination

Please read the vignette carefully. Based on information provided in the vignette, please compose a well-written and organized response to each of the questions that follow.

Presentation of the Problem

Ryan is a 61 year old Caucasian male who was arrested for violating a no-contact orderwith his ex-husband and two adopted sons. Police were called when he attempted to “break in” to the family home to obtain some personal belongings. While at the home, his ex-husband returned and a physical altercation ensued in which Ryan allegedly attacked his ex-husband with a kitchen knife. No injuries were noted by police; His ex-husband, however, expressed intent to press assault charges. The circumstances surrounding the no-contact order are related to a series of incidences involving allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior with his children. Six months before, a long history of marriage conflict “came to a head” and he informed Ryan that he wished to file for divorce. Ryan’s ex-husband left the home with their two sons and filed a no-contact order against Ryan. The basis of the no-contact order included allegations that Ryan had a “secret life of sex addiction,” including frequent activity on “sex apps” and that he viewed pornography in front of their two sons. The ex-husband also alleged Ryan’s inappropriate relationship with their oldest son, 16 year old, citing that he discovered sexually-provocative language in text messages. A Child Protective Services Investigation and report was completed. Ryan adamantly denies these allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior with and in front of the children; He did however, verify he had been active on “sex apps” throughout the relationships in order to “hook up” with other men.

Psychosocial History

Ryan was born and raised in rural Mississippi. He comes from an intact family and is the youngest of four children. He referenced a narrative within the family that characterized him as the “unplanned pregnancy.” Ryan described a “good childhood” and he denied a history of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. He graduated from college and has had a successful career as an insurance broker.




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