The text states that, “How a family functions is more important for the children than the structure of their family,” . In your own words describe the difference in family function and structure.
First Assignment:

Respond to each item. Each response should be concise and between two and three paragraphs in length.
Use MS Word to write your responses, and submit your answers to all three questions in one Word document.
Copy and paste each question within the document, so that your instructor can see which question you are responding to.
The text states that, “How a family functions is more important for the children than the structure of their family,” (Berger, 2016, p. 422). In your own words describe the difference in family function and structure. Select one family structure as noted in Table 13.2 on page 420 of the course text to demonstrate how in can function to meet the five common needs of children noted on page 418 of the text.
Review the information on pages 429 – 433 in your course text describing the influence of peers. Friendships, Popularity, and Bullying are each described in the text. Select one to focus on and in your own word note their potential negative consequences on child social development. Describe how they can be supported to overcome this.
The text describes Kohlberg’s Levels of Moral Thought (pp. 434-435) Using this theoretical framework and Table 13.3, describe a moral decision you have observed or recall making and apply Kohlberg’s theory. In your response indicate which Level and Stage the moral decision represents.

Second Assignment:
Assignment 2: Eye on Development, Part 2
Week 5: Understanding and Analyzing the Nature of Child Development
For Part 1 of the Application Assignment for this course, you watched video segments that featured children from infancy through school age. This week, you will watch a video segment that includes all of the ages and many of the scenes you have already viewed with the addition of commentary provided by the center director and an educational video host who discuss some of the developmental hallmarks represented in the children’s behaviors and interactions.
As you watch, do not focus on what you may or may not have included in your written summaries. The goal of this assignment is to enhance your understanding of child development by underscoring key information, highlighting examples of development, and providing insights based on experience in the field.
To complete this assignment:
Plan: Consider what you have learned about development of children throughout this course and the insights you have gained from the video segments you have watched so far. Then read the Reflection questions listed below.
Observe: Watch the video segment. As you watch and listen to the commentary, think about the Reflection questions and take notes to help you respond.
Reflect: Reflect on the video segment by responding to the following questions:
Throughout the course, you had read about and heard the term developmental continuum. As you view this video segment, what evidence/observations/insights illustrate this term? Provide at least one example and explain your reasoning.
Although there are skills and behaviors that are considered typical for children at certain stages of development, every child develops in his or her own unique way. In what ways is this apparent in the video? Provide at least one specific example and explain your reasoning.
While child development is most often discussed in terms of the three major domains – physical, cognitive/language, and social-emotional—c onsidering the “whole child” is key to understanding individual children and fostering healthy development. Describe an example from the video that underscores the importance of paying attention to all domains and supporting the development of the whole child. Be sure to explain your reasoning.
As you have seen, child development is exciting! It’s all about children growing and changing, learning about who they are and what they can do. Describe at least one scene or explain at least one insight from the video that captures for you the excitement of child development, the rewards of studying the field, and the benefits of learning how to support children and families in the amazing journey of development.
Submit: Write and submit a summary of your reflection. Remember to cite specific examples from your video observations and references to the Required Resources to support your thinking and ideas.
Assignment length: 1–2 pages




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