Select one family member from the crisis case and provide crisis intervention utilizing the models of crisis intervention discussed in the textbooks by Floyd and Wright.Your Crisis Case Management Paper should:

? Identify the nature of the crisis for the family member
? Suggest strategies for alleviating the crisis
? Offer teachable coping skills the counselor can share with the family member
? Provide a specific approach toward developing resiliency
This four-page assignment should have a title page (this counts as page one) including your name, the course, the instructor, the assignment (Crisis Case Management Paper), and the date. The format for the paper is as follows:
? Times New Roman script in 12-point font
? 1.5 line spacing
? 1 inch margins
? Appropriate section headers (i.e. Nature of the Crisis, Alleviating the Crisis, Teaching Coping Skills, and Developing Resiliency).
Case Story

Terry D. Leon, Age 44 years old
Once a stunning model and devoted mother , Terry binges on Vodka everyday to escape her mothers taunts and her fathers neglect. She lives in Kingston, Pennsylvania, 6 drinking habit, drink a gallon a day, she married to alcohol, it her lover and comforter. Mary Lou her mother is perfectionist, she believes make up, appearance, picture perfect family, reputation and embarrassed by her daughter since childhood. Mother believed if you place makeup on, your identity will change, and receive recognition and attention from others.

At 10 years old, Terry felt a ashame, fat, short not pretty her mother wanted her to hold her stomach in or were oversize clothes to hide her figure.
At 13 years old, Terry went on a diet and grew taller 5?11 and lose 70 pounds.
At 17 years old, Terry was a full time model, mother proud of her transformation.
Terry felt amazing, she was 5?11 weight 114 pounds.
At 20 years old, Terry worked for a model agency in NY, but they requested she lose additional weight. Therefore, her mother took Terry to a physician to prescribe pink diet pills, in which Terry refused and soon after released by model agency for lack of compliance. Her denied accusations.
At 35, Terry weight 346 pounds she stop caring about herself and start eating as comfort food to mask her pain and rejection by her mother.

At 36, Terry had gastric bypass surgery and lost 175 pounds, but that same year she exchange eating addiction for another addiction alcohol. Terry agrees to intervention program, her brother Jim says she?s out of control; her sister Pam says she can?t stop drinking and feels she will be dead soon; fact Terry has frontal lobe damage to the brain and liver damage. Terry has been hospitalized for alcohol related incidents 12 times in the past 6 months.




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