Professional Portfolio – Assessment Task C You need to choose and respond to one (1) of the two following case s tudies and provide a 1000 word medication management plan for the chosen individual.

Please do NOT seek out medication management plan templates from the web. The assignment is to be presented in a question/answer format, No dot points and not as and essay (i.e. no introduction or conclusion). Each answer must be supported with citations. You should follow the recommended formatting for academic papers You will need to reference according to APA referencing. Students must provide in – text referencing and a reference list must be provided at the end of the assignment . A minimum of six (6) academic references i.e. text books and journals and two (2) websites are required for this assignment . A marking guide has been made available on the unit outline to support your responses. Pl ease place your responses under the fol lowing questions in your management plan: Q1. What physical health considerations should be undertaken prior to giving this medication to the consumer? Q2. Provide rationales for the use of this medication in th is consumer. Q3. What are the side effects / adverse effects of this medication?Indicate the management strategies that would be used to deal with these effects? Q4. Discuss the relationship between medication management and recovery principles in mental health. CASE STUDY 1: Sebastian Sebastian is a 23 year old man who currently lives at home with his parents. Sebastian has a 5 year history of smoking marijuana with his school mates. He has had multiple admissions to the local acute psychiatric unit. On his current admission, he was responding to a female auditory hallucination telling him that his ne ighbour was going to kill him. Sebastian has hardly slept for at least 3/52 prior to t his admission, and he has been carrying a knife on his person to protect himself. Sebastian was agitated on admission however; his behaviour became settled quite quickly as he felt safe in the unit. His treating team includ ing his case manager in the community have made the decision to commence Sebastian on RISPERDAL® CONSTA® (risperidone ) 75 mg IMI fortnightly. He was discharged home to the care of his parents. NRSG 262 Clinical Integration : Mental Health Practice Family History: Sebastian lives with both of his parents who are very supportive. They both work full time. Sebastian has a younger sister Sally who is 16 and currently completing Year 11. Medical History: Sebastian is fit and healthy. Sebastian has been diagnosed with drug induced psychosis and is currently being managed on an antipsychotic medication RISPERDAL® CONSTA® ( risperidone) 75 mg IMI, fortnightly. Current Mental State Examination Appearance & Behaviour: – Healthy weight. – Height 172cm – No distinguishing features ( e.g. no scars) – Attends to personal hygiene – Guarded at times with some questions – Easy to establish rapport – Poor eye contact when irritable Cognition: – Orientated to time, place and person – Short term memory impaired, unable to recall when he last slept Mood: – Anxious mood, particularly when preoccupied with neighbour Affect: – Restricted affect Speech: – Fluent speech – Clear and concise in communication – Rate and flow of speech normal Form of thought: NRSG 262 Clinical Integration : Mental Health Practice – Nil formal thought disorder Content of thought: – Paranoid towards neighbour, hence feels unsafe in community – Denies any suicidal and homicidal thoughts Percep tion: – Experiences female auditory hallucination Insight: – Limited insight into his illness. – Constantly questions the need to take his medication Judgement: – Poor judgement CASE STUDY 2: Rebecca Rebecca is a 30 ye ar old woman who is married with twelve month old daughter. Rebecca has had two (2) previous admissions to the mental health unit after attempting suicide , this is her third admission . Her husband Paul rang the triage team expressing concern that Rebecca was relapsing, he reported that sh e had been staying in bed saying she was tired all the time, cryin g and unable to care for their daughter. Rebecca’s husband reports their relationship is under strain. Both sets of parents are helping with the care of their child. Family History Rebecca is the youngest child of three siblings with two older b rothers aged 39 and 36 years; her parents are very supportive and have a good relationship with Rebecca and her husband. Rebecca’s maternal grandmother and her aunt have a diagnosis of major depression. Rebecca and Paul live in the same suburb as her parents.




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