Post an explanation of the theory you think best applies to the Levy Family video case and explain why.
Discussion 1: Applying Integrative Theories

Theories can take on a deeper meaning when you examine them in the context of real clients and their experiences. For example, you might not see a purpose in exploring how the feminist perspective of social work practice applies to the experiences and presenting concerns of a war veteran, like Jake Levy from the Levy Family program case study. However, an exploration into transpersonal theory or cognitive behavioral theory, given Jake’s trauma from the war, might offer support for one aspect of his treatment plan. How might the integrative theories you explored recently inform your work with a client such as Jake Levy? How might you apply one of those theories to Jake’s presenting concerns?

For this Discussion, review the research you conducted on integrative theories over the last several weeks. Also, review the Levy Family video case in this week’s resources. Then, think about which theory you think best applies to the Levy Family video case and why.

Post an explanation of the theory you think best applies to the Levy Family video case and explain why. Then explain what social work skills you might use to apply the theory you selected to the Levy case.

Levy Family Episode 4

Program Transcript

FEMALE SPEAKER: So do you want to try to go back to what you’re telling me


LEVY: I can try. It was night. We were out on patrol. I remember it was so hot

packed in our vehicle. Suddenly there was an explosion. We got tossed into a

ditch. And somehow I made it out, and I could see it was the Humvee behind us.

It’s whole front end was gone. It had hit a roadside bomb. Our vehicle had just

driven past it, just mistriggering it. But not them. They didn’t make it.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Remember how we practiced. Slow your breathing down.

Inhale and exhale from your abdomen.

LEVY: Thank you.

FEMALE SPEAKER: And just take your time. Whenever you are ready.

LEVY: So the bomb went off. I managed to get out. I had my night vision goggles

And I could see the Humvee, the one that got hit. It’s whole front end was
gone. And there’s this crater in the road. And inside it I could see– I could see

Kurt’s– our platoon Sergeant, he was lying there everything below his waist was

gone, blown off. And he was screaming. Screaming like nothing you’d ever


And then he was looking at me. And he was screaming for me to kill him. To stop

his suffering. He was yelling, please. Please. And someone tried putting

tourniquets on him. But the ground just kept getting darker with his blood. And I

was staring into his face.

I had my rifle trained on him.




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