Investigate and develop a list of potential fieldwork locations for observing and talking with forensic psychology professionals.
Assignment 1: Fieldwork Observation Task

Fieldwork Observation: Overview

In this course, you will experience a fieldwork placement designed to introduce you to professionals and to specialized practices in the field of forensic psychology. This assignment will help you learn how to apply the knowledge learned in this course in the real world as well as develop and polish your networking skills.

In Module 1, you will investigate and develop a list of potential fieldwork locations for observing and talking with forensic psychology professionals. Develop a list of at least three potential placements. There is a wide range of professionals who work within the legal and correctional systems. Your interaction with these professionals can be face-to-face, as with a tour of a facility or an interview, or it can occur over the phone when face-to-face meetings are not practical.

You have three fieldwork-related assignments in this course.

To prepare for your fieldwork, perform the following tasks:

Develop a plan in Module 2 in which you identify options and develop time lines for the fieldwork you will complete throughout the course.
Document plans for specific days and times for the observation and conversation scheduled for fieldworks to be conducted.
Actively plan, reconfirm, and conduct fieldwork activities; however, the actual scheduling of these activities may be staggered to accommodate fieldwork practitioner’s schedules.
Develop alternate plans in the event one or more scheduled activities might be cancelled.
Your fieldwork observation should include the following:

Name of the professional
Affiliation of the professional
Degrees and licensure
Types of training in forensic psychology (if applicable)
Primary job responsibilities
Client population served
Any ethical conflicts the professional routinely encounters
Recommendations to a graduate student in forensic psychology
Other observations as deemed appropriate
Reflection on what you learned from the fieldwork experience
By Module 2, you should have a schedule for conducting your fieldwork assignment so that you can submit a fieldwork plan in M2 Assignment 1. You will report on the fieldwork experience in M3 Assignment 2 RA 1.

It is crucial to contact individuals this week in order to arrange a time to meet or converse with them as many of them may have busy schedules and will need advance notice.

Identify Potential Fieldwork Locations

In this module, you will investigate and identify options for observing and discussing with professionals on various aspects of forensic psychology at work in the legal system. The fieldwork observation can occur at a variety of facilities and with a range of professionals, including, but not limited to, the following:

Forensic psychology professionals in private practice




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