In today’s increasingly competitive market environment, ‘The Total Customer Experience’ remains as one domain where marketing strategies and actions can secure a sustainable business future through effective brand positioning that is supported by relevant marketing value based deliverables.

With reference to this statement, select an organisation where significant improvements can be made to the total customer experience and then show where and how justified changes can be made.

Attention should be given to:

1. The adoption of the marketing concept as a working business culture.
(What is marketing communication, How well has your marketing department has adapted. I it a market oriented firm?)

2. Understanding Customers and Segmenting Customers.
(Do they understand customers, B”B, B2C, org. Behaviour, give examples of improving segmentation, positioning etc.)

3. Analysing Needs, Wants, Values and Expectations of Customers.
(Consumer Buying Behaviour, Do they strike to improve the change , needs and wants of customers.)

4. Creating Customer-based Value Propositions for Customer Segments
(Do they really understand their needs they change all the time. Create customer based proposition. Price for each segment. E.G. Blockbuster didn’t once they were successful but then stayed in Cashcow, The world changed. PLC moved on but they didn’t.

5. Managing the Customer Experience through Relationship Marketing & Customer Care.
(Do they have loyalty card systems, Customer data base loyalty programme, customer relationship form, long-term relationship customer care programme.)

6. Reinforcing the Organisation’s Identity (or Brands) through changes to the Marketing Mix Variables.
(Branding, what does this meanto ppl. Does it have an image. Brand propostion is it clear, vision and values.

7. Research Requirements for the Organisation to track the Total Customer Experience.
(Do they use Research Marketing. How is the total customer experience).

8. The Outcomes from becoming more Customer Centric
• For each of the above areas, the existing position should be stated and then desired position be projected so that the MBA student has clarity about where the organisation is now and where it needs to be to achieve relevance in a highly competitive market environment.

• The purpose of the discussion paper is for the marketing team to reflect, discuss and agree on agenda of items for change.

Marking Criteria

The discussion paper will contribute 3600 words and 80% of the marks, allocated equally between the above 8 parts, 20% of marks and 400 words will be devoted to:

1. A research plan to show how the assignment was tackled.
2. Evidence Sources and Literature used as a basis for the discussion document.
Assessment Requirements:

• The submission of your work assessment should be organized and clearly structured in a report format.

• Maximum word length allowed is 4000 words, excluding words in charts & tables and in the appendixes section of your assignment.

• This assignment is worth 100% of the final assessment of the module.

• Student is required to submit a type-written document in Microsoft Word format with Times New Roman font type, size 12 and line spacing 1.5.

• Indicate the sources of information and literature review by including all the necessary citations and references adopting the Harvard Referencing System.

• Students who have been found to have committed acts of Plagiarism are automatically considered to have failed the entire module. If found to have breached the regulation for the second time, you will be asked to leave the course.

• Plagiarism involves taking someone else’s words, thoughts, ideas or essays from online essay banks and trying to pass them off as your own. It is a form of cheating which is taken very seriously.





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