Identify forms of persuasive writing in a socio-political writing situation • Analyze visual images • Write clear and comprehensible sentences • Navigate the persuasive writing process
Socio-political Writing Assignment Composition

Those who need votes, sponsors, support, or want to get things done, often rely on persuasive writing skills to create logical, emotional, and moral petitions. Objectives This assignment assesses your mastery of the Socio-Political Learning Unit objectives:

• Identify forms of persuasive writing in a socio-political writing situation • Analyze visual images • Write clear and comprehensible sentences • Navigate the persuasive writing process

Writing Process

1. Complete all lessons in the Socio-political Learning Unit 2. Complete the Peer Review assignment before the deadline 3. Revise and finalize 4. Submit your final hardcopy and prepared envelope to Dr. Bodily before the deadline 5. Submit electronic copy to eCampus and before the deadline

Topic Click the appropriate topics link pertaining to your curriculum (Traditional, SAGE, or Service Learning) Areas of Emphasis Point-of-view, audience, voice, clarity, action verbs, sensory details, showing description, persuasive appeals (logos, pathos, ethos), and business letter formatting Format This letter shall be word processed in MS Word file format, utilizing a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 600 words, formatted according to business letter guidelines taught in the Learning Unit. This letter does not require sources or a Works Cited page; however, you may provide citations in MLA formatting style to strengthen your Logos. This assignment also requires you to prepare a professional No. 10 business envelope according to formatting taught in the Learning Unit and the US Postal Service. The envelope must be word processed, and printed in a printer. Place a stamp on your envelope or purchase a pre-stamped envelope from the US Postal Service.

Verification You are required to send this letter to your audience as follows:

• LECTURE STUDENTS: Submit your hardcopy, signed letter and stamped envelope to me before the deadline, and I will send your letter.

• ONLINE STUDENTS: Capture a photo of your letter placed inside your stamped envelope and capture a second photo of your US Postal Service receipt or proof of delivery. Paste these images to the end of your electronic submission to and eCampus.


• Submit hardcopy as required (see the Verification section above) • Submit an electronic copy of your letter only in MS Word file format under the

following title: Last Name-First Name-Letter (e.g. Smith-John-Letter) to www. and eCampus by clicking the “Submit Assignments” button.

Penalties Letters will be rejected without grading in the following cases:

• Plagiarized text • Does not address the topic/objectives • Late or missing submission to eCampus and/or • Incorrectly formatted (incorrect file and/or rhetorical form) • Provided no hardcopy letter and/or stamped envelope • Refused to send letter

Bonus If you receive a response to your letter before our course concludes, I will add extra-credit to your composition grade. Please let me know via email at the time you receive a response and let me know what the sender said. I enjoy receiving these reports! Topic Choices Begin noticing and thinking about images, signs, symbols, and logos you find problematic. For example, a Vietnamese restaurant in Dallas recently choose a red star as part of its logo. The red star may represent communism to many refugees who escaped the Vietnam War and now live in the United States. Is this a good idea for business?

Traditional and SAGE Student Topic Ideas: 1. Capture a photo o




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