Firstly it is crucial that I have a nurse writer with a similar background and is from England uk, that understands the changes that has recently occurred in nursing education in uk.

My final piece is a 10,000 word CRITICAL REFLECTIVE PIECE looking back at all the course modules completed(course book attached). I need to demonstrate how this course has, if so, changed my perspective as a leader, or had an impact on my work performance. It needs to utilise “2 themesbased on the various modules completed. I would like to focus on a?change managementa? and a?clinical leadershipa? as chosen themes within the course handbook.

The work needs demonstrate the use of the various theory ie models of leadership and change throughout the essay structure. The challenge here is to make it bespoke to me as itas a personal piece. It also needs to exhibit critical reflection about me the MSc student completing the MSc and my experiences, challenges during the course, and strengths. To give the essay a structure and, as itas a critical reflection, a critical reflective model MUST be used with rational for choice etc. the work should or can be writen in the first person if it makes structure simplier…

THE FOCUS I recently have been tasked with a role in my organisation to train the nursing workforce in their Injection techniques as these skills are poor in mental health and the medications are very dangerous, I can attach the training slides?? i would like to use this as the emphasis of my essay, the challenges, but how the MSc course has empowered me re improving my leadership skills. Looking at myself awareness, emotional intelligence etc. what I have learnt as a result of the MSc and comparing where I was two year ago re-experience in terms of understanding and application of the theories highlighted for discussion

Finally pleaseeeeeeeee contact me for info if needed or advise on writing or structuring it before starting the work. I can send you stuff if you need. the references MUST be fairly contemporary, and be a mixture of relevient journal, nursing and education articles/books, key drivers ie nmc, doh, francis report, etc….

Ench Mark Assessment-Epidemiology Paper
Bench Mark Assessment

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This is a benchmark assignment.




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