Explore a specific sustainability issue of your choosing, either social or environmental (or related to both).
Essay #4 – Sustainable Solution Proposal

In this essay, you will explore a specific sustainability issue of your choosing, either social or environmental (or related to both). This assignment is rooted in the maxim, “Think globally, act locally,” meaning, although many sustainability issues (declining biodiversity, global warming, ocean pollution, poverty, crime, etc.) are global, we can learn—and enact meaningful change—by exploring them within the context of a local system. Thus, you will be exploring issues in the general Los Angeles area, within an approximate 100-mile radius. You may also decide to focus on Woodbury University. Although this is a research paper with multiple sources you will cite in APA style, your voice, your perspective, and your persona must be evident in the essays. You may include your personal experiences in this essay if appropriate. This essay must be coming from you and your own passions and interests; sources are used to establish your authority and support your ideas.

The challenge of this paper—as well as its most exciting component—is to narrow down your topic to be 1)

local and researchable, 2) neither too broad or too narrow, and of course, 3) intriguing to your audience,

which includes me and your classmates. Therefore, you will not be writing a general paper about global

warming, ocean pollution, or other broad issues, although you may certainly refer to the global problems to

establish context and provide some background for your readers. These issues are too broad and impossible

to cover in-depth in a college-level research paper. Another challenge is that you will have to learn about the

issue you choose. Ideally you will be reading more material than you will use to give yourself adequate background knowledge.

For example, suppose you love the ocean and recently visited Santa Monica pier, and noticed that the waters appeared murky. Then you did some initial research, and discovered this article about how the pier is one of the most polluted beaches in Southern California. (See http://abc7.com/news/5-socal-beaches-placed-on-worst-beaches-list/2105002/) This would be your starting point. What is causing this pollution? What effects is it having on the environment, society, and the economy? What are the far-reaching effects of this problem? You would then need to explore specific solutions that can be implemented by local and state governments, businesses, community groups, and/or individuals. Note that the best solutions are multi-faceted and involve more than individual actions, ie. “everyone should pick up their trash.” Make sure that you write about how your proposed solution will be implemented. Consider also how existing solutions can be improved and promoted.

I will not accept any essays claiming that a specific sustainability issue is a hoax or exaggerated. If you feel this way, instead please choose an issue that you believe in and care about. There are plenty to choose from.

In order to earn a C or above, you must abide by the following criteria:





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