Explain your reasoning for any behavior that you observed that could be a sign of drug use.
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As you prepare to interview a client, you become aware of some behaviors that suggest she may be using an illegal substance. There is a strong chemical odor on her breath. You decide that the best strategy is to refer her for a drug test, yet you do not want to rush to judgment because you may be wrong. As a precaution, you decide to call the nurse practitioner who is on duty. You explain the situation and the nurse agrees to come to your office right away. The nurse practitioner examines your client. She quickly determines that the client is experiencing ketoacidosis (key’-to-a’-sid-o’-sis), a symptom of type 1 diabetes mellitus. It is often associated with long-term alcoholism. The disease produces an odor similar to nail polish remover. You are relieved that the client’s medical issue was identified and can now be treated. This is a reminder that many clients have a collection of health problems, in addition to their addiction. You think to yourself, “As a case manager, what warning signs must I be aware of when meeting with clients? What procedures must I follow when I suspect use or abuse?”

To prepare for this Assignment, review the media program, Two Clients, and the Learning Resources for this week (See attached). Consider the signs and symptoms of abuse and whether you notice any signs of drug use or abuse in the media scenario.

Write a 2-page paper that includes an explanation of the types of behaviors you observed in the two clients profiled in the media program. Explain your reasoning for any behavior that you observed that could be a sign of drug use. Use the Learning Resources to justify your position. Based on the observations you have made, explain whether you need to refer this client to another professional on the service team and why?

APA and in text citation and all resources cite




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