Explain what a best practice is in general terms and give examples of best practices in an area unrelated to project management, such as aviation or safety.

Explain what a best practice is in general terms and give examples of best practices in an area unrelated to project management, such as aviation or safety.

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1).A best practice is a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark. In addition, a “best” practice can evolve to become better as improvements are discovered.

Aviation is 100% related to project management. In this field there is constant test evaluations on new aircraft platforms that requires multiple projects to develop and integrate new systems on aircraft as well as new methods of conducting certain stages of critical flight. To say project management is unrelated to aviation is pure ignorance. Every aspect of aviation from development to maintenance to flight relies highly on the project management field to incorporate those new components and policies in order to continue to develop standards, and consistently improve safety for the customers and ergonomics for the pilots.

Best practices in aviation would best be described as the policies and equipment that keep aircraft personnel and airframes safe in all areas of the field from the ground to the skies. The best practice is avoiding crashes and keeping the customers happy.

2).A best practice is defined as “optimal methods, currently organized within a given industry or discipline to achieve a goal or objective” (Schwalbe, 2013, p.488). One important best practice of project management is that teamwork is required to accomplish assignments in order for projects to be successful. Project managers need to get things done effectively through people. A project team needs to first have the right people with the correct skill sets and understand what drives the people on the team. The best way to get quality team work is for team members to understand exactly how individuals work in relation to completing a larger goal of the project. One such company that uses this strategy to its best effect is the NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

One best practice in project management used by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center is utilizing resource management. “Resource management is critical to meet current and future agency goals” (Watkins, n.d.). NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center attributes much of its success in this area to “forward planning, keeping a constant eye on where the center needs to go, and what workforce numbers, skills, and capabilities will be needed to accomplish both current and future missions” (Watkins, n.d.). Another best practice is that projects need to be “linked to corporate strategy” (Watkins, n.d.). It is interesting to note that NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center has a “dedicated Performance and Capabilities Management Office (PaCMO) that provides assessments of technical schedules, management, and resource evaluations for programs, projects, and mission and support activities”(Watkins, n.d.). Best practices provide tools for project managers to complete projects faster, cheaper and more successfully in order to exceed the expectations of the stakeholders.




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