Discuss additional ways one can think more critically.Respond to Peers: Review your classmates’ posts, and respond to at least two of your peers.

When responding to your classmates, please provide feedback on their examples of good and poor critical thinking skills. Discuss additional ways one can think more critically. Each participation post should be a minimum of 75 words.

By: Sylvia

· 1. Determining what the problem is.

· 2. Being able to analyze a subject more in-depth

· 3. Making a decision on what your believe is right and follow that direction

· 4. Justify your argument

· 5. Assess of the outcome

This video demonstrates critical thinking skills by using global warming a controversial subject to some and gives examples of what some members of the general public may be doing that could be contributing to global warming. The speaker gives examples of the effects/repercussions of it to include what we could be doing to minimize our global foot print and ways to do our part in saving our planet. This video demonstrates to me good critical thinking skills because it makes someone think of what if it’s true and the consequences it will have on everyone lives.

In this video Bill O’Reilly has an absence of good critical thinking skills as a TV broadcaster by not clearly choosing the right words. As each speaker was trying to make a point on a subject they felt passionate about; Bill O’Reilly made a bad comment and didn’t even show repentance about what he said. I think his lack of critical thinking skills by having costly errors, repeated mistakes and bad decisions could represent an example. Getting caught up in the moment during a discussion could be costly when being performed in front of a large audience. Correcting ones mistake quickly might have had a less significances impact, then acting if nothing could be interpreted wrong and offensive. I believe criticla thinking is also about being able to articulate your choices of words to get your point accross (argue your belief) without creating other problems.


Youtub.com (Aug 23, 2007) The Reality of Global Warming https://youtu.be/03xB9JbVgLE

Youtub.com (Oct 27, 2012 ) Fox’s chief racist, Bill O’Reilly calls black PhD a coke dealer




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