Describe past health history (medical/surgical) and current health status. Select a client 65 years of age or older who is essentially well. The client must live full-time with at least one other person.


1. Select a client 65 years of age or older who is essentially well. The client must live full-time with at least one other person.
NOTE: Before you begin your visits, hand in your client-nurse contract and discuss the suitability of the client with the instructor.
2. The client MAY NOT be a close friend, an immediate family member, or a person with whom you presently live/previously have lived. It is suggested that the client not be a close neighbor or someone with whom you frequently interact.
To gain the most from this assignment, choosing a client who is not known to you-will help you to rely on your assessment skills rather than your familiarity with the person.
3. The client must be someone with whom you can communicate verbally, i.e., no language barrier between you and client, no interpreter necessary.
4. Select a client who is willing and able to contract with you for the specified number of visits during the semester.
5. Explain to the client the general professional purpose of your visits: health assessment and health promotion.
6. Inform the client that, for educational purposes, you will be conferring with your instructor about your visits. Assure the client that all information will be kept confidential.
NRBS 3000 Professional Nursing Practice in Health Promotion
Guidelines for Elderly Client Study:
1. The study is to reflect a synthesis of the data collected, theories presented in the course and other course content in order to develop a comprehensive health assessment and analysis of the client selected for your home visits.
Use the “Guide to Collecting and Using a Nursing Data Base” when writing your paper.
Content: Include all the data outlined in the “Guide.” (To enhance your data collection process please review Allender (2013), pp. 799-801, Displays 24.4; 24.5 and 24.6 prior to 1st Client Visit)
Format: Use the same format as outlined in the Guide (i.e., same headings, same sections, data presented in the proper section).
2. Length: Seven PAGES not including the title and reference pages.
Please note: The grade for the paper will be based on the first Seven pages.
3. Style: The paper must be written in APA format.
Use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for the correct style and typing of references.
Please Note: Any paper submitted late without prior approval from the instructor will be subject to lateness penalties. Paper may be submitted to the instructor before the due date.
NRBS3000 Guide to Collecting and Using a Nursing Date Base
This guide will assist in assessing clients, and, as necessary, planning care for those clients. It includes content areas that will yield information about clients experiencing stressors and clients in need of health promotion. Data may be collected over a period of time and may be subjective (client’s perceptions) and/or objective (can be measured). When writing the data base, support all conclusions with OBJECTIVE examples validation. Data THROUGHOUT the assessment in EACH section, indicate areas NEEDING FURTHER ASSESSMENT (NFA) and which additional data are needed.




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