Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Role of Middleware in the App Integration in a Distributed Application Environment. When systems are not fully compatible, there is a delay in understanding and processing requests from one application to another. This delay can cause increase in queuing time and can lead to slower system response and the system can even crash. Middleware acts as a broker between different software applications in the form of coded request processing. This paper examines the importance and role of Middleware in distributed computing. A literature review and case studies with examples from Middleware implementations are analyzed. The findings indicate that Middleware is very important in modern distributed computing environment considering the huge variety of third party applications. The paper concludes that it would be very difficult to integrate the vast variety of applications without Middleware applications.


Middleware has been described as the software glue that integrates objects distributed across a large number of heterogeneous IT systems. It is also regarded as software that helps to make integration of application easy by providing standard program interfaces that act as hooks and software developers need to make their applications latch to these hooks. Middleware is called as software that allows different applications to talk with each other, exchange data and complete the transactions. Thus, Middleware acts as a broker between software applications. The software industry complexity has increased with new languages, platforms, operating systems, applications and their new versions being launched almost continuously and Middleware helps in the integration of these applications (Maximilien, et al, 2009).

With thousands of developers and different flavors of software application, operating systems and platforms would not be able to process connectivity and compatibility requests from these entities. In other words, a web program written in Java would want to connect to another server program written in say VC++. There would be differences in syntax, procedures, calls, and sub routines and so on. It would not be possible for the two programs to understand what one software wants the other to do, the information sought, and data that must be processed. Middleware acts as the ‘midwife’ and it has its own set of protocols, routines, and methods of processing requests.




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