Compare when to use the Full Screen Concept versus the Analytic Hierarchy Process in evaluating new concepts.

Full Screen vs Analytic Hierarchy

Compare when to use the Full Screen Concept versus the Analytic Hierarchy Process in evaluating new concepts. When would you use one versus the other and justify your choice.

Reading Topics and propose Questions

To complete the applied science assignment you will need to read the reading for “L6, L8, L9 “ files I uploaded. and ask yourself how this work applies to everyday life. Please identify three questions (one of each, and these three articles are separate) or problems in society that relates to the readings and that illustrates how the course content can be applied. I also uploaded another file, which is the question example. Please think more broadly about the course material and describe what the question or problem is and how it relates to the course content in one to two sentences. In addition, provide a source or reference for it that highlights or provides insight into the problem or question raised. A source or reference can be a web link or an attachment containing a newspaper, magazine, or journal article. For example, if the reading is on the topic of child abuse, you might raise the question of spanking and whether spanking is abusive. You then could search for a relevant source or reference on the web or in the library. For example, you might have seen a recent news story about a Wisconsin man charged with felony child abuse after spanking his 8-­-year-­-old son. You could use this story as your source, providing a link or including it as an attachment. Examples of Reading Topics and Applied Questions: • Child Abuse: Should spanking be criminalized? • Stress: Are schools doing enough to reduce stress? • Support for Parents: Should parents be given more generous parental leave? Why? • Fetal Alcohol Exposure: Should pregnant women be criminalized for performing actions (such as drinking alcohol) that have the potential to harm the fetus? question: Do I need to use a particular format for my assignment? Because your assignment is likely to include a web link, it is usually easier to have web links remain active in a Word document. e.g., Haley, David. And I want to emphasize that I need three separate questions and three separate discussions in one or two sentences per each articles. And for your information, here is what the course talk about: Overview: The study of developmental psychobiology uses multiple perspectives to study the development, psychology, biology, and evolution of human behavior. The research discussed here will highlight and compare human and animal models to shed light on how social relationships and biological mechanisms interact and contribute to mental health. Basic and Applied Science: Although much of the course content and assignments are concerned with basic science, it is important to consider questions about how this work applies to everyday life. Are some individual more sensitive to their environments than others? Can individuals exposed to early adversity or chronic stress “catch up,” or are they scarred for life? Can the practices and institutions of society (policies, laws, schools, parenting, etc.) be used more effectively to optimize human development?




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