Clinical Assessment and the Interview/Case Management and applying the Ecological Model
This is a 2 part essay

Part1: Topic/Title: Clinical Assessment and the Interview Read pages 37–101 in the following chapters from Handbook of Psychological Assessment: Chapter 2: “Context of Clinical Assessment” Chapter 3: “The Assessment Interview” Source: Groth-Marnat, Gary (2003). Handbook of Psychological Assessment 4th ed. John Wiley & Sons. Afterwards answer the following below

A: Clinical Assessment 175 Choose one (1) of the clinical contexts outlined in chapter 2 or 3 of your reading for and make up and describe a fictional client and his or her specific problems that would be best to address in that context. Review why the context is appropriate for your client and list one or two specific assessments that could potentially be administered. Be sure to include a review of ethical concerns related to your client and the clinical context.

B: The Interview 175 Why is a clinical interview necessary as an initial component to the assessment process? How does the interview contribute to the assessment process? Include specifics related to methods, strengths, limitations, and other characteristics outlined in your reading for this unit. Specific ethical concerns related to the clinical interview should be noted as well. All references for part 1 is to go underneath part 1 only.

Part 2 Topic/title: Case Management and applying the Ecological Model
(200 words)Planning is a best practice in the field of psychology. Many times you send the client to too many agencies or support groups because you have not planned. The four elements of case management (assessment, planning, linking, and monitoring) provide you with the foundation to help clients meet their goals. Read the article named Assessing patterns of home and community care service use and client profiles in Australia a cluster analysis approach using linked data, and the article named Planning safe anesthesia The role of collective resources management. Also read Chapter 2: “Case Management: Definition and Responsibilities”, and Chapter 3: “Applying the Ecological Model: A Theoretical Foundation for Human Services” Afterwards explain why is planning is an important element of case management.

Analyze what the two articles says about the case management element and the population discussed in that research. Also Analyze what chapters 2 and 3 says about the case management element. Summarize how the information you learned from the 2 research articles can be applied to the substance abuse population? Please provide the APA citations to the articles you are using. Part 2 references are to go underneath part 2 only. Also part 1 and 2 are to both have intext citations.





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