As the required rate of return increases, the net present value of a project also increases.” Explain why you agree or disagree with this statement.

These two principles are literally defined as “do good” and “avoid evil,” respectively. With regards to healthcare information technology, the implementation of EHRs has the potential to create an ethical conundrum. A large, interconnected system of EHRs will contain a massive amount of raw data, and great potential will exist to conduct groundbreaking biomedical and public health research. Such research will do good not only to the health of individual patients, but also to the health of society as a whole. However, if healthcare organizations are unable to provide a foolproof security system for EHRs, which will help protect PHIs, then unauthorized individuals can gain access to this information easily. Once they have this valuable information, they can easily steal patient identity, which can cause financial, emotional and possibly physical harm in the long run.

As a healthcare professional, it is important to provide emphasis to HIPAA compliance when it comes to PHI. Any information entered in the EHR is confidential, one must not share it to unauthorized individuals. Their health information is protected and ethically we have a code of conduct that needs to be followed and if it isn’t followed we put the patient and the health organization at risk with a lawsuit. Autonomy is the patients right to choose if and how their information is shared. If the patient does not want their health information to be shared than it should not be shared in any way, shape or form.

3) Zain Ul Abideen Ahmad

Wed Nov 23, 2016 at 7:49 am
These areas are important to identify because any wrong estimates, especially in the future can impact current investment decisions. Since analysts may use previous projects to predict the cash flow of investment projects, they may make errors in in estimation which can have a catastrophic impact on the business and the investors. Estimating cash flows 10 years into the future is extremely difficult and some might say almost impossible considering all the unpredictable economic, political, and environmental factors that may affect the global business environment.

To know whether an investment may be profitable or not, investors need an estimate for an adequate return on their investments. To estimate that return with minimum errors all other information regarding the business should be calculated as accurately as possible, such as the business’s revenues and expenditures, depreciation of assets, inventory turnover, etc. Thus it is extremely important to identify and consider any estimation errors when going for an investment project.




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